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PDFs not appearing in search result

  • Hey,

    I've been using this extension since the summer, and with great success. However, recently I discovered that PDF files (or documents with PDF attachments) will no longer appear in search results. This happens with "Limit File Types" set to "Allow All", and both with and without "Search in File Contents" enabled. Other files, such as pictures (JPG, JPEG) appear with file contents enabled. The search URL I'm using is

    I have tried the same search term in the sandbox area in the admin panel, and here everything works as expected. The document with the PDF attachment appears as the third search result.

    I suspect this happened in an update to the plugin, as no configuration change was made as far as I know. The current version installed is v2.46.180

    Does anyone have any idea of what's going on?

  • Hi @blixhavn

    Do you remember which plugins you've installed recently? Some of them may conflict with WPFTS Pro, especially when making a search at the front end. Please try to disable those plugins temporarily.

    If it does not help, let's connect with TeamViewer so I can solve this issue faster (write me a private message or via Live Chat at the main page).

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