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  • Hello,

    First, thanks for this plugin, after activating it our server usage dropped to 1/3 !

    But, I've detected that some searches still hangs the server. Those are searches that include common words (like "the" or "a" or "an") and multiple words. Looking at the log, I saw that it seems to search separately for each word, causing the issue. I've tried to activate the "AND" Search Logic, but it didn't made any difference, the log still seems to be searching by all words separately.

    Can I do something, maybe at code side, to prevent this?

    Edit 1: Note that, this behavior only occurs at Front End, using the site search, searching at backend doesn't cause issues. Note that, currently searches on backend aren't being logged, even though the option to replace the search in admin is active.... and I believe it's active, because the search there is really fast.

    Edit 2: Is there any further optimization for multiple post type? For example, even after the optimization the same search when limited to 1 single post type take 1.1 second, while looking for 4 different post types, take 9 seconds.


  • Hi @cantuaria

    Please tell me which version of the plugin do you use? Could you tell me if you have activated Deeper Search option and do you use an Index Optimizer (latest option on the Main Page).


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