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  • Somehow the whole plugin stopped working.
    There is notification on top of admin pages that it needs to be addressed
    There is no information on the plugin admin for what is the issue except.
    The engine is idle and says 0 posts done.
    The plugin has been working for years now and all of a sudden stopped.
    What can I do? I like the plugin and it returns great results.
    The site is sort of set up same as it has been for years. Nothing gets added as everything is on it already. We dont do new recordings so nothing is added.
    All in one seo
    Classic editor
    Contact form 7
    disable feeds
    Post views counter
    recaptcha for contact for 7
    Stop spammers
    WP Fast Total Search (not pro)
    Hostgator sql shared
    What else ya want?

  • Hi @lostconcerts

    I have read your message and would say it's not clear what happen yet. Did you try to rebuild the index? Recently we updated the core of WPFTS, so it can be a reason, some incompatibility with your website.

    But it's all solvable.

  • @EpsilonAdmin Well, search attempts just returned nothing on the site. When I went to the admin it said it was idle with no results in the cache and waiting. I clicked on the rebuild. Same thing. Waited a day, still nothing and no search results. I cleaned up everything I could. I disabled all the other plugins. Nothing. I uninstalled, deleted all the database (13) entries and deleted the plugin. I reinstalled the plug in. It created the datbase entries again but same thing. Rebuild database produced a waiting and no data.
    I actually deleted the plugin again and got another one, not as good, but worked.
    I really liked your product. It is a shame. I would like to go back to it.
    This is one of the 1000's of errors flooding the error.log for one of two sites using this plugin. This may help determine the issue:
    [27-May-2024 23:15:57 UTC] WordPress database error Table 'my_local_database.wpftsi_irules' doesn't exist for query select ir.* from wpftsi_irules ir where (ir.ident = "wpfts_core/settings" and ir.act_hash = "d584af62c7152d90905393915b2a87a327d0a9e3") made by require('wp-blog-header.php'), require_once('wp-load.php'), require_once('wp-config.php'), require_once('wp-settings.php'), do_action('init'), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, {closure}, WPFTS_Core->collect_irules, WPFTS_Core->decodeAndSyncIndexRules, WPFTS_DB->get_results

    There may be other errors but this one was everywhere. I deleted the error logs after removing the plugin and no more errors.
    So, can we solve this issue?

  • HI @lostconcerts

    Thank you for detailed information. Yes, I understand the issue now. The wpftsi_irules table was just not created on version update. The reason WHY it was not created. We need to understand that.

    Do you say you cleared error.log or you have a backup?
    I think we need to find the very first error where this database table should be created.

    Do you think you can activate the plugin again and then send me error.log for analyze?


  • @EpsilonAdmin Done in PM

  • This bug (definitely a bug!) was fixed in version 1.68.232
    We made "ident" field in the new wpftsi_irules table shorter (limited from 255 to 130) to avoid VARCHAR index length overflow.

    Thanks, @lostconcerts !

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