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When will the search by publication date feature be available?

  • Hello! Please tell me when is it planned to add a search for records with a filter from and to a number?

  • Hi @Simply_Friend

    Thank you for the question. Actually it's not planned to be added to the plugin core, because this feature (search by date FROM - TO) is already implemented in WP Native search (in WP_Query()).

    So you can search with date using WP_Query parameter date_query.

    Here is the topic:

    Another question is if you want date picker fields to be added next to the text query field in the search widget.

    This is fairly easy to do for the average WP developer. There are probably some visual constructors to do this, but I can’t recommend anything here - if you find a solution, please write. It will be useful for other users.

    We don't plan to add a search form builder to the core functionality of WPFTS because we don't want to compete with Elementor / Beaver Builder / Visual Builder etc etc, although we will probably do a detailed tutorial on how to use the builders to make a search widget with additional fields.

    Hope this helped you.


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