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Altering the way Search Results are displayed.

  • Is it possible to reduce the size of the thumbnail, and the Title, in the search results? I find that they take up too much room on the page, and this limits the number of results that can be displayed on one page.
    Also, could the page navigation buttons at the bottom of each page of results be amended to show the total number of pages, and preferably also the total number of search results? If this could then be repeated at the top of each page, it would make navigating around the results easier.
    Ideally I'd prefer the search results to be displayed in a horizontal format across the width of the page, with the thumbnail on the left-hand side, and then the Title with the excerpt and other information below it.

  • Hi @Nick

    It looks like all the issues you described in your message are depends on the THEME you're using. It's not WPFTS plugin responsibility and we can't modify or improve your theme using the plugin's code.

    Instead, I would propose you to modify the styles of your theme. Often, the theme developers provide a simple way to do that (via theme settings or a theme builder).

    Which theme you are using, btw?

  • Thanks. I'll raise the issue with our webmaster. We're using Avada.
    I only asked because it did seem possible, in WPFTS, to alter the format of the items displayed under the Title in the search results, but not the Title itself.

  • Correct, you can justify the styling of the Smart Excerpt part using CSS block in the WPFTS Pro Settings / Search & Output. Your webmaster can use it. Other parts of the search results page are not accessible for the plugin.

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