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  • One client asked me when using the Flatbase theme with WPFTS Pro to search files by content. He says:

    After installing your plugin, I have searched for the word "operational" and have received the pure HTML code in search results:

    <div class="wpfts-result-item"><div class="wpfts-smart-excerpt"></div> 
    <div class="wpfts-not-found"><span> Not found: <s>operational</s></span></div> 
    <div class="wpfts-bottom-row"><span class="wpfts-scor.


    The reason for this issue is because the Flatbase theme is using its own excerpt processing. We need to override this.
    Please open the file search.php in the root of your theme (you can use flatbase-child theme too) and scroll to line 89. You should find this code there:

    <?php nice_excerpt(); ?>

    please change this to

    <?php the_excerpt(); ?>

    This change should help. To show the correct excerpt in the search results.
    If this does not work for you, please put a comment!

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