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WP Download Manager Files Not Indexed

  • I'm evaluating WPFTS, and am having an issue. WP Download Manager files are not being indexed.

    I have the evaluation WPFTS version 2.47.184 active. (The trial license key is active.)
    I have WPFTS Add-on for WP Download Manager version 1.5.12 activated.
    I am using WP Download Manager Version 3.2.19.

    Our WPDM files are stored externally on a cloud storage service, but at a glance it looks like the WPFTS add-on's code is set up to support that.

    I have rebuilt the index a couple of times.

    Here's what appears in the Index Engine Tester of an example file post:

    Screenshot 2021-10-22 153941.png

    Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong, or what could be done?


  • I looked into the code further, and it looks like the WPDM files must be hosted locally for their contents to be extracted. As we host the content on a cloud service, this plugin won't process them, meaning this plugin will not work for our purposes.

  • Hi @magicalbrad

    Sorry, there was a slight desynchronization between versions. In order for the addon to work with external files, you need to update this file in your version of WPFTS Pro in the folder fulltext-search-pro/includes/ (unzip before upload)

    This file will be added to the next release of the Pro version.

    That should help.

  • @magicalbrad Please let me know if the new file version still does not work. I can fix that.

  • Hi @EpsilonAdmin,

    Thanks for the update.

    It didn't work at first but I found the problem. The WPFTS Add-on for WP Download Manager wasn't passing the $is_enable_external_links parameter to GetCachedFileContent_ByLocalLink, so it wasn't indexing the WPDMPRO external files.

    I changed that, and it did index everything. However, the performance on the WPDMPRO front-end pages was unbelievably slow. It turned out, it was reindexing every file any time it's post was viewed through the front end. So, I set $is_force_reindex to false in the call to GetCachedFileContent_ByLocalLink, and that seemed to fix it.

    I don't know whether the changes I made to my copy of the the WPFTS Add-on for WP Download Manager were correct, but there are definitely some changes required there to make this work.

    It does appear that this functionality will work as long as WPFTS Add-on for WP Download Manager is updated.


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