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  • Hi, ive installed the free version of your search program to see how well it works & decide if im going to get the pro version of it.

    In this process, the product seems to work well, but it has created 2 db tables that are huge in size.

    WP's DB size by default with 460k posts is only 6GB

    Your two tables are:
    tp - 26GB
    vectors 18GB

    Indexing regardless takes a day to process & is now flipping between optimizing which never does any counting & the indexing what i would assume is a new post.

    This is after the initial indexing that took 1 day to do.

    Are the 2 tables going to be removed as they are ridiculous in size after the indexing is complete?

  • Enable Index Optimizer - Enabled
    wpftsi_tp ~260,116,167 InnoDB 25.8 GiB
    wpftsi_vectors ~292,656,079 InnoDB 17.5 GiB

    Indexing... 99.99%
    Pending: 1 of 471053
    Est. Time: 00:00:00

    Optimizing... 0.00%
    Records: 471053
    ...Ready for changes...

  • If i disable Use for Blocks, save the changes & reset the building of indexes this is getting turned back on by itself?

  • Hello, @ALG1970

    Thank you for your question! It seems you found a bug in the plugin!

    The "tp" table is actually a temporary table for document IDs, used only for searching and not used when building the index. Normally this table should not grow, on the contrary, its normal size is 0 records.

    This made me think that there might be an error in the code and this table is not cleared in a timely manner. Indeed, the error was found and corrected. I've poured the new version into the Wordpress repository, so I recommend updating now (version 1.59.209).

    Immediately after installation, do any search query and the "tp" table should be automatically cleaned up (due to its size, this process may take a long time).

    As for the table "vectors", together with the tables "words", "docs" and "index", it represents the search index. All your documents are encoded in these tables in the form of numbers and ratios, and the structure of the tables is such that it allows you to find documents with the specified words in milliseconds, even if the size of the tables is tens of gigabytes. This is the point of indexed search.

    So the answer is no. You can't shrink the "vectors" table.

    If you are concerned about the database size, I can offer you to disable index optimisation (there is such an option on the main page of the plugin settings).

    The index optimiser essentially creates a compressed version of the main index and stores it in the "vc" table, which can also take up a large size.

    If you turn off optimisation, the "vc" table will be cleaned up (or you can clean it up manually with the "truncate table wpftsi_vc" query.

    Hope this helps.

    Please let me know if new WPFTS version solved you problem.

    Thank you!

  • Im not sure what you did in the update, but it totally kills the site, had to disable the plugin completely now.

    The TP table instantly grew to 65GB in size & i had to truncate it.

  • Hi @ALG1970

    Yes, it was another bug.

    I've just updated the plugin to version 1.59.211 that should fix the issue.

    The "_tp" table should not grow anymore.

    Also this should not make any additional load to the server.

    Please update WPFTS and give it another chance.

    Thank you, let me know if this goes fine now.

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