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  • Hello,
    We are having an issue with the plugin I have been unable to resolve. As we enter data into the search box, it comes up with an error message BEFORE we hit the "find" button. Once we click "find", it locates the item. This error is causing major confusion with the users because they think what they are searching for cannot be found. Our site operates by searching PDF documents in the media section exclusively so I am not sure if that is the issue.

    I would like to either remove or rename the error message so that users will not be confused. Attached is a screenshot of what I am referring to. Can you help?

    alt text

  • Hi @teri-sahm

    It looks like this message is generated by some other plugin or maybe "auto-suggestion" feature of the theme. Could you try to check if there is an option in the theme settings or some AJAX Search plugin? Could you try to disable it?

    Thank you for this report!

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