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[Solved] The plugin shows wrong results for search with BeTheme template

  • When you're using the BeTheme theme on your website, you may notice that sometimes the search gives really strange results.

    It happens because the BeTheme has its own implementation of the search (which is very poor, btw). This search algorithm only searches queried words in post titles and post contents which gives fewer results than the WPFTS Pro search and also does not search in attachment contents etc. This BeTheme algorithm automatically disables itself in case the search query is too complex (and it can not find anything) and this is a place where WPFTS Pro becomes working freely. As a result, you can see only a small amount of results for simple queries and a lot more results for complex queries.

    To solve this problem, we need to add this simple line of the code to the functions.php of the BeTheme (or child theme).

    function mfn_search( $search_query ) { return false; }; 

    This code overrides the internal "genius" search algorithm of BeTheme so it never runs.

    Hope this helps!

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