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  • The newest version has indexing issues. It'll randomly hang, usually within seconds. I've tried all kinds of combos for options to get it to get past this point, disabled every extension type except for PDF.
    This last time, I let it sit in case it was just taking extra time to get past this. It's now been 3 days sitting here.

    It's not a server resource issue, we're running on a dedicated server with plenty of resources. No errors appear and no notifications of any kind show up.

    This is the 180 build, and is the paid/pro version that's running. We're also still running WordPress 5.9.5 and haven't updated yet since there seems to be a bunch of plugins that haven't been verified for the newer versions.

  • @docholliday Hi I sent you a pre-release version of WPFTS to the chat. Please check it out. Thank you!

  • This post is deleted!

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